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Missing Link Analytics
Better Solutions.
Forward Thinking Analytics



We understand business, IT and analytics to deliver fast and efficient results.


We leverage state of the art technology to efficiently deliver analytics in an iterative fashion. We design solutions to fit your business. 



We partner with our clients to provide fractional leadership, data, and analytics services to augment your team.

We work together to monetize data and create unique tools to drive value and accelerate your business.



At Missing Link Analytics, we love data.


We believe analytics create a competitive advantage.


We believe that analytics should drive change and influence strategy.


We love success stories, your success is our success.


Gabriel Gaultier - Owner - BCOMM, MBA, CMP

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Gabriel is a skilled analytics professional. With a finance background, business acumen, and technical programming skills, he has been able to provide unique solutions to complex industry problems that are used around the globe.

He believes no matter what industry, data can be better leveraged to help create efficiencies and drive revenue.


What We Do


Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Custom Applications and Process Automation.

We create custom tools to enable your business to create data driven decisions.

We specialize in Microsoft and Google driven applications.

Let us show you how!

Joint Projects

When opportunities are identified, we partner with clients to monetize their data.

We believe in what we are doing so much that we will share in the risk.

Visit our latest joint-venture at:


We realize that analytics without action will never be successful. We work with organizations to leverage the insight from analytics to drive organizational change.

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Clients Served

"Ability to expertly craft analysis from big data in order to detail what was happening in a very complex business, finding new nuggets of information to help guide decision-making"

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"They have the imagination to solve data challenges"

Axia FibreNet

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Missing Link Analytics

Victoria, BC Canada

Tel: 403 305 9761


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